Quilts Touching Lives

August 23, 2006


Quilts made for injured soldiers do touch lives. I’d like to share with you a story that was shared at my last quilt guild meeting. The story was told by one of our guild members who worked as a white glove lady at our quilt show in July.

At our quilt show we had a quilt on display that was made for the Quilts for Fallen Heroes program, our guild’s version of Quilts of Valor. The quilts that are made for this program go directly to the army medical hospital here in San Antonio to be used in the rooms for injured soldiers from the wars. The soldier then may then take the quilt home.


White Glove Lady noticed, in front of the quilt, a Young Woman that was crying. She wasn’t just quietly sniffing, she was bawling! White Glove Lady went over to assist her, comfort her, what ever she could do to help her. After a while the story came out. The Young Woman was military and had recently returned from the war in Iraq. She had not been injured on duty but she had many friends who had been injured and she was thinking of them. Her comment was that she could not believe that someone would take time out to make something “for us”.


My comment is these military folks are taking a lot of time out for us, and sometimes even giving their lives. Taking the time out to make a simple quilt is the least that we can do for them!

Kudos to those of you who have taken out the time to do something for our soldiers!


  1. Thanks, Deb, for your post. It is good to be reminded that anything we can do to make a difference in this life is important. My heart goes out to that young woman and to all our service people, young and not so young, and all their families and loved ones. They are doing a job that not many want to do and we are grateful for them and their dedication.

  2. Beautiful story, Deb. When I took the quilted flag I made over to my neighbor’s daughter, who was injured in Iraq, her father had tears in his eyes that someone would show that appreciation to his baby. We owe them so much for upholding the right to be free.

  3. Great story and the quilt shown is the mystery I did. So good to see that the mystery quilts are actually being made and donated.

    Judy L.

  4. I feel the same way!

  5. Quilts of Vaor-SC is celebrating the shipment of our 250th QOV with a reception at Patriots Point Museum on September 30th in Mt. Pleasant, SC. All are invited. Contact SThomas3717@sc.rr.com for more information


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