JQC June

June 19, 2006


For my June Journal Quilt Challenge I wanted to explore texture. I tried to achieve texture in two ways. First through the paint on the fabric and second through the quilting.

Since I am not a painter the painting portion was a challenge. I played around with dipping the brush in one color and then another color and then painting on the fabric without mixing the colors. That gave the painting some interesting streaks and textures. I then outlined everything with black to give the lines some “crispness”.


The quilting I did freehand and I think it added a lot to the piece. There are spots where the bricks aren’t the right size or the lines aren’t straight but that doesn’t really bother me because it still gives the texture I was after.

Overall, I am very happy with this June Journal page. I learned a lot from it and had fun experimenting.



  1. Your page looks great. That’s what it is all about, is the playing around and having fun learning.

    **Your quilt that Debra has featured on the Quilt Studio opening page is beautiful.**

  2. Deb – your house is great – I love the combination of the painted fabric and the quilting to add the dimension to the piece – Nice Job – PP

  3. This is really nice. The colors look really good together and the little tree reminds me of a palm tree. I love the sky quilting. All of the quilting texture is great in it’s variety.

  4. Deb, I admire the way you are trying new techniques and getting them to make the point you are trying to make. This house is so attractive; the painting and the quilting work very well together to portray texture. I love your bricks — they are definitely “bricky”.

  5. It’s great Deb! You know it almost looks stained glass this way.

    I found early on in painting fabric pictures, that if I quilt the outlines with a black thread it gives a wonderful skectched look. I used to try & do watercolor painting on paper, & was never happy with my results. It always looked too amature to me, but when I tryed fabric, & then the black thread outline quilting, it came to life. I loved it. Give that a try too. Even if it’s just a little postcard size. You’ll like it! Your work is wonderful!

  6. I think now you will have to say that you ARE a painter!
    Love how this turned out…the series you are creating is really strong. It would be so cool to see them all together at once.

  7. Well, everyone else has said what I wanted to say. Deb H. mentioned what my first thought was, that it looks like stained glass.

    Great job!

  8. For someone who’s “not a painter,” I think you’ve done a wonderful job! The quilting is terrific too. Good for you for stretching yourself. You make me want to try this technique.

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