On the Reading Table

June 15, 2006

We read aloud at out house a lot. It has built good listening skills into each of my children and it has also developed a love of books in each of them. We all enjoy our afternoon reading time.


To my teenage boys I am reading Black Horses for the King by Anne McCaffrey. They are currently studying Medieval Times so this book fits right in. It is about King Arthur’s quest to aquire large horses for his army to ride into battle. It also suggests how and why horseshoes were developed for these horses.


My daughter is now hooked on this book; It Feels Like Snow by Nance Cote. We are reading it over and over and over…. it is a delightful book about Alice and how she can tell that it is about to snow when her toe throbs or her elbow clicks. She warns her neighbors about the snow storm coming but they giggle, ignore her or call her a silly old woman. In the end, Alice must decide what she should do when her neighbors are not prepared for the snow.

So that is what we have on the reading table right now. I’m looking forward to our reading time this afternoon!


One comment

  1. Anne McCaffrey is one of my favorite writes. I love her stories.

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