Dresden Plate; Continued

June 14, 2006


I also played around with the idea of adding a photo of my grandmother to the quilt. But I didn’t have the skill to pull that off successfully so I stored that idea away for a later time.
At the same time as I was playing around with all of these ideas, I was taking a class on fabric dying in progessive values. So I started playing around with what I could do with the fabrics I was dying and the Dresden Plate pattern I had created. I really liked this design and decided to put Granny’s pieces away and work on it.


This is the final design in EQ. It is completely quilted and just needs some touch-up work and a binding and label. I’ll be glad to see this one done as it has been over a year in the making.

And don’t worry, Granny’s pieces are safely tucked away and will be pulled out again some day.



  1. Very Pretty!!! I love it. Is there a way we can see a larger pic of the finished quilt?

  2. Thanks, Kim. As soon as I finish the binding I will post more photos!

  3. I sure hope you enter Dresden Plate into some shows. That is a wonderful modern take on an old traditional favorite. I’m excited about seeing a larger photo.

  4. I’d also like to see Grandmother’s Dresden Fan completed with a photo of her included. That would be very special. I love those old fabrics! Almost as good as chocolate.

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