Dresden Plate; The Story

June 12, 2006

Dresden Plate is the quilt that I now have on the finishing table. It has a very long story behind it.


My grandmother had cut out these pieces many years ago. When she passed away the pieces came to me as I am the only quilter, even the only seamstress, of the family. I am sure most of the fabrics came from dresses and shirts that had worn out as my grandmother was very frugal. Some probably also came from neighbors and friends as she liked to trade with others. The pieces are all very neatly cut and a few were sewn together in quarter-circle pieces. I’m not really sure what my grandmother planned to do with the pieces but I assume that she was going to applique them either in circles or fans.


About a year and a half ago, I decided I should do something with Granny’s pieces. I wanted to use the pieces but I don’t like to applique. So I started playing around in EQ to see what I could do with the pieces using machine piecing instead of applique.


My goal was to use the pieces in a way that would honor my grandmother and the traditions of quilting but to take the quilt one step farther in a contemporary design. These are a few of the designs I came up with.



Next time: Dresden plate takes a drastic turn.



  1. I have to say that the last one “sings to me”

  2. Very neat Deb. & I agree with Kim, I love the last one best!

  3. I am leaning towards No. 2 because I like the diamonds in the border. Having the Xs through the middle of the blocks is very cool!

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