June 2, 2006


I enjoyed a bit of painting yesterday afternoon. I painted alot in high school (many, many years ago) but have not done much since so it is a challenge for me. But since I got involved with a homeschool co-op that is putting together a quilt with painted blocks, I thought I had better spend some time figuring out the painting part so I can help give the students some guidance. I’m doing the co-op with another mom who is a painter, but not a quilter. Hopefully between the two of us we’ll be able to guide the students.


The students are studying Medieval history so we thought we would have them paint their blocks to look like stained glass windows with the black leading dividing areas and streaks of color in the glass. Then we will assemble the blocks with sashing that looks like stone castle walls. They have been practicing on paper and will begin to paint on fabric today.

I found the best way to control the fabric was to tape it down right on my formica counter top (I used painter’s tape). It didn’t move around or scrunch up as I painted that way. I used acrylic paints and mixed them with a textile medium. I was able to get the look of the streaked colors that I wanted to achieve that way. For the sky, I wet the fabric first and then painted so it looks a little thinner.

It’s not a Rembrant, but it may just work as a journal quilt for June!



  1. That is an interesting look. With all the blocks in this style, the kids quilt ought to turn out great. Good wishes on your teaching.

    The book “Black Horses for the King” caught my eye. I’ve been a biiiiig fan of her dragon series since my sci fi years. I understand that she has a horse farm, in Ireland if I remember correctly.

  2. It looks Great Deb! Very nice.
    I’ve done a lot of painting on fabric with Versatex, Seta Colors, & some thickened dye painting & a little Batiking. I love playing with paints. I had started out using acrylics years ago with my 1st attemp at fabric painting, but didn’t like the stiff hand it gave to the fabric.

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