Press’n Seal 2

May 27, 2006


A lot of you commented on my post yesterday about using Press’n Seal in the quilting process. Thanks for all the comments. A few expressed warnings about sewing right through the drawings as the ink might come off onto the thread. So I did a few samples to see what would happen and you were right! The thread picks up the ink as it is sewn through the drawing and looks terrible. Yuck!! I tried permanent marker and ball point pen. So I won’t be doing that. That’s OK, as I like to freehand my quilting anyway. I will continue to use the Press’n Seal to audition possible designs though, as I think that works great.

On another note, my teenage boys have been sleeping on the couches in the family room alot lately. I commented to them that if they just slept there all the time they wouldn’t have to worry about making their beds and they would always look neat.

My husband jumped in and yelled, “Don’t do it. She’ll start moving her quilting stuff in your room and the next thing you know you won’t have a room. It will be a quilting studio!”

I can’t imagine why he would say such a thing!! 🙂 Well, I do have to admit that I covet the boys’ closet. It is a big walk in closet with floor to ceiling shelves. It would make a great spot for my stash!!



  1. Well, I have no comments on the quilting with press n seal, however I love your sidebar idea of ‘what’s on the table’ with pictures. I think that would be very motivating!

  2. I like the new look you have here. When did that happen? did I miss it yesterday?

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