Standardized Testing

May 21, 2006


My kids are taking the Stanford Standardized Tests this week. They are actually happy about it as that means they will not have to do their regular work this week. To them, anything that gets them out of studying is a good thing.

I used to avoid any testing…I guess because I just like to rebel. But we did it one year and it actually was a help to me in planning what we should concentrate on the next year; not only what they are behind in but also what they are ahead in, because that is usually what they are most interested in and enjoy the most.

So on to the testing! I just hope we get home early enough that I can squeeze some quilting in!!


One comment

  1. One year… many years ago.. I did a standardized test with my older girls and they benefitted a lot from it. It helped me to know where they were and it encouraged them that they were doing well. I don’t think tests are a bad thing… just the emphasis on teaching the test and hammering fear of failure into the kids before hand… as we know happens in some systems. Hope it all went well for you.

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