C&C Composing with Shape

May 17, 2006

The next section of Color and Composition for the Creative Quilter deals with shapes and placing them in different compositions. The exercises ask that you cut out certain size shapes, arrange them in compositions and fuse in place.


This first one is a horizontal composition.


This one is a vertical composition.

Both of the exercises use the same shapes and sizes except the second one has an extra square in a different color to provide a focus. This was a very simple exercise. It just took time to fuse the fabric and cut it into all of the required shapes. After that it was all play time! It is interesting how the same shapes can result in such different compositions.

The next section of the book deals with Value and Color. I dyed fabrics yesterday to use for the seven-step gray-scale value run. I am looking forward to rinsing the fabrics out today to see if they dyed up the way I want them to … or if I will be running around town later to find 6 grays!!


One comment

  1. That’s really amazing. I’m glad someone is getting these exercises done. My life has been so hectic the last couple of weeks I despair of getting back into the quilting mode. This does look like fun. My granddaughter came home from the funeral with me; maybe we can do something together on this.

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