May 15, 2006


I quilted this quilt for my guild. It is to be presented to a family through Habitat for Humanity. One of the women in the guild pieced it. She is 80 years old. I hope I have half the energy she has when I am 80 years old!


There were a couple of aspects of this quilt which were challenging for me. First off, at 74″ x 95″, it is the largest quilt I have worked on. Secondly, for the quilting I decided to do a freehand fern meander. I have not done much freehand work on my longarm yet so I was hesitant to start. But it all went off OK. In spite of the challenges, it went more smoothly and more quickly than I expected.



  1. Hey, You! Welcome to the Ring! 🙂

  2. You have a Longarm? You lucky girl! Your quilting looks lovely!

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