C&C Line and Shape

May 3, 2006

Working on through the book Color and Composition for the Creative Quilter I have come to the section on Line and Shape. Line and shape are used to create a balance between positive shapes and negative spaces. These exercises involved cutting the fabric into lines, arranging them in the compositions and fusing in place.The first exercise involved creating a composition using only straight black lines parallel to the edges of the background, an 8 1/2″ x 11″ piece of white fabric. The book gives an option of 9 compositions to use. This one happens to be an asymmetrical composition.

The second exercise uses straight black lines again, but with the lines all oriented on a diagonal to the background. The composition that I used for this one is a grid composition.

It has been very interesting to simplify composition to the very basics and play with it.



  1. I like both of these very much, particularly the second. I recently took a class at Quilt University with Lily Kerns Playing with Lines and Shapes, and we covered some of the material in CCCQ. I;m not actually doing the work, but I have read the book and am enjoying seeing the work of others.

  2. Fantastic! I really like the parallel straight line exercise you came up with. This looks like lots of fun; relaxing even.

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