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2000 miles

April 13, 2006

The Appalachian Trail stretches 2000 miles across our country’s wilderness. It must be wonderous to hike all those miles and to be able to say “I did it.” and to have the memories of what it took to do it.

I’ve thought about hiking sections of it but decided that I’m too old; my hiking days are over. Here is an article about a woman who did hike the entire trail in her late forties. Maybe I’m not too old after all…


Thank You Note

April 12, 2006

I had a lot of fun making this crazy quilt thank you note last year. My sister-in-law and family put my family and I up in Houston in October while we were there for Quilt Market.
Luckily, I got pictures of all the folks there. I printed the pictures out on some muslin and started cutting them out, moving them around and sewing it all together. The lettering is also printed on muslin and then appliqued with a blanket stitch. Some buttons, beads and embroidery finished it off! The finished size is 9″ x 9″.


Hand Quilting Class

April 9, 2006

The hand quilting class that I was teaching at a local homeschool co-op finished up last week. I think all of my students finished up their projects before I finished mine! They were a great bunch of girls. I am going to miss working with them every week.
The social aspect has always been an important part of quilting. I think it is still an important part of quilting. While I was in the class with the girls I always felt that there was nothing more important that I could have been doing than sitting there with them, stitching with them, talking about life with them and sharing God’s world with them. I look forward to seeing them again in the fall!!
I also look forward to the day when my daughter becomes interested in quilting so I can quilt with her! I think I will hang this wall hanging that I finished in the class over her bed so that maybe she will want to learn sooner.



April 7, 2006

I was blessed today with flowers!!

Thank you, Tim and Crystal!


Cherry Pie!

April 1, 2006

My in-laws are here for the weekend. My mother-in-law made two of her awesome cherry pies yesterday. Isn’t this one beautiful? And I can also say that it is delicious! She shared the recipe with me and I have tried making it but it never comes out as good when I make it. I guess it is just one of those recipes that only mom can make! So I have decided what I will do is to always keep the ingredients in the pantry. That way she can make one, or two, whenever she comes over!!