C&C Contour Cutting and Stitching

April 27, 2006

The next section of Color and Composition for the Creative Quilter involved cutting and stitching the same still life but using scissors and the sewing machine instead of paper and pencil. For this first photo I stitched while looking mainly at the still life although I could look at the stitching as often as needed. The book said, “We don’t want you to sew over your fingers”.
Then for the contour cutting I chose appropriate fabrics for the fruits and cut the shapes out looking mainly at the still life, only occasionally looking at the fabric and scissors. I then fused and stitched over it too.

This last arrangement is an abstract arrangement of the cut pieces from the still life. Again, they were fused and stitched.

I think these were great exercises to work through. I have seen a change in my thought process while I am designing other projects already.

Now …to eat the fruit!


One comment

  1. Those look great, Deb! Thanks for posting the pictures – you’ve motivated me to finish this!

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