C&C Contour Drawings

April 17, 2006

I am working through the book Color and Composition For The Creative Quilter with a group of quilters at Quilt Studio. For the first three exercises we were to assemble a still life with 3 pieces of fruit. We then were to do 3 contour drawings (line drawings with no shading):
Blind contour; looking only at the still life, not looking at the drawing
Semi-blind contour; looking at the still life mostly, looking at the drawing only when beginning a new contour Contour drawing; Focusing mainly on the still life but looking at the drawing more than in the previous exercises.

I enjoyed these exercises. They reminded me of my college days, when the greatest responsibility I had was getting to my drawing class on time. Those were the days!!

In the first chapter of the book the authors write about the right brain/left brain issue and how the left brain will try to stay in control of the drawing. I find that my left brain does that mainly through the use of time; it keeps reminding me that “the kids will be up soon,” “if you would hurry up you could finish before Christina wakes up,” “remember you need to get a shower so you can start school on time”… I just keep reminding myself that I have already spent X amount of time on the drawing and if I don’t continue until it is the best it can be then that time will be wasted.

“If I don’t have time to do it right the first time, how will I find the time to do it over?”



  1. I love the banana and it’s shadow … you’re inspiring me to find some time this week to DRAW.

  2. Hey, Yours looks pretty good,!!!!

  3. hrGee, I hope mine are ¼ as good as yours. . .I can’t say that I have any faith they will be!

  4. So far my left and right brains are at a draw and I am not drawing. I’m terrified to start. “Just do it!” Your drawings are great looking. Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Your drawings are great.

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