2000 miles

April 13, 2006

The Appalachian Trail stretches 2000 miles across our country’s wilderness. It must be wonderous to hike all those miles and to be able to say “I did it.” and to have the memories of what it took to do it.

I’ve thought about hiking sections of it but decided that I’m too old; my hiking days are over. Here is an article about a woman who did hike the entire trail in her late forties. Maybe I’m not too old after all…



  1. What a great story. Thanks for sharing it. When I lived in New England, I used to dream about making that hike … I had all but forgotten that dream until today.

  2. Back in my younger, hiking age, I dreamed about the Appalachian Trail, but the closest I got was one day in Massachusetts. Some people do the whole thing over time instead of hiking the whole trail at once. We have the Continental Divide Trail in Colorado but I can’t hike at high altitude anymore, with my oxygen. When I lived in Boulder and hiked and camped all the time I just knew that I would climb to the top of Longs’s Peak, like Isabella Bird (“A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains”, but now I admire it from my son’s home in Niwot.

  3. Deb — of course you’re not too old to hike, I did my first Himalayan trek at 54, another 5 years later and now — 5 years later am going to do another — put on the hiking books and hike anywhere you please. Mountains are fantastic, so are deserts & all kinds of other places. Go, girl, go.

  4. http://www.patc.net/store/XX730.htm

    There is a book by Jean Deeds, “There Are Mountains To Climb”. It’s her story of doing the trail at 50! It’s a great read,, very inspiring. Makes me want to take a hike!

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