JQC 2006 March Reveal

March 22, 2006

This month for my Journal Quilt page I was focusing on three dimensional form. So in my rendering of the house I was trying to make it as solid looking as possible. I think I was fairly succsessful in that. Through the use of values, shadows and perspective I think that this house looks solid enough to touch. Some of the areas look solid enough to fall down too!! (There were so many seams in the second floor that it grew a little wider than the first floor and looks a little top heavy. That gives the house character, right? 🙂 The tree even turned out three dimensional.

Overall, I am very happy with how this page turned out. Through out the month I kept thinking, “How would this look if it were bigger, say 17″ x 22”? Hm-m-m. I may have to try it some day.



  1. Great looking house and even better looking tree!!

  2. Terrific use of value…you are right, a most solid looking house!

    Please put a little more interest in the house’s environment next time? The tree is super…I would love to see how you could develop the yard!

  3. Beautiful! The color combo is great and the house really does have character. You really did get the 3D you were after in both the tree and the house.

  4. Deb – I agree with what everyone has already said. Love the way the house turned out and your embroidery work – especially the tree, just wonderful. The pieced binding was an ideal finishing!

  5. Deb,

    You have really done a wonderful job with this one. I think you captured a great look this time. Love your tree.

  6. Terrific! Love the tree and the binding…they really add to the overall idea. Great job, Deb.

  7. WOW! That house is awesom! You did a great job. I love the pink. My Fav. color I might add. It looks so real. It is gonna be fun for you to see all your houses together.

  8. Once again, you’ve captured the essence of form in your house. What a major job to work out the piecing for this but well worth it. Beutiful three dimensional tree.

  9. Deb – your house looks great – and I especially love your TREE – how did you do it??

  10. I can’t believe the amount of work you’ve pu into this. It’s absolutely lovely. The tree is espescially great. Very realistic.

  11. This turned out so great! You have a real talent for “building”. a wonderful composition and a nice use of detail. Jen

  12. This is beautiful, Deb! Great work!

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