Design Wall Tour

March 20, 2006

Today’s post will be an addition to the Design Wall tour featured on Delphi Forum’s Quilt Studio. Members are posting photos of their design walls and giving a little tour. I tack a lot of things other than current projects on my design wall so there is always lots to look at, even if I have nothing in the design stage.
There are only 2 projects in progress on the wall right now. The largest, the blue and green wallhanging I have blogged about before. My son designed it and I am making it. It is next in line to be loaded on the longarm so I am trying to decide exactly how to quilt it. I ordered a ruler to use with it so I will probably be doing some stitch in the ditch and echo quilting with straight lines. The second project in progress is my March JQC page which I will be revealing in a few days.
Then there are some finished or “no plan to finish” projects:

Past JQC 2006 pages

Jalapenos; I played around with these probably about a year ago. It is fused with machine satin stitching to cover the edges. It is one of the “no plan to finish’ projects.

Strawberries: This was an experiment in 3-D modeling through piecing.

Artist Trading Cards I’ve made

I also sometimes tack up found objects and pictures that I find interesting. This is a dead, dried up leaf from a poinsettia . I am fascinated with how it curled up; it looks like a sea shell.

I saw an exhibition of Pat Drew’s paintings last summer and am very interested in her work. She takes photos of families and combines them with quilt images in her paintings. So I tacked up some photos of her paintings. If you visit her web site click on “Portfolio” and then “Families”. These paintings are huge and were quite impressive in the gallery.

Thanks for visiting me and my design wall. 🙂



  1. I like to tack up “inspirational pieces” too but don’t have anything right now on my board. Looks like a creative space!

  2. I like inspirations and idea nudges, but as I look at my design walls, I’m realizing how much I don’t see. Maybe setting aside one day a month to really look at some of the stuff would be helpful.

    Thanks for sharing your space, Deb. I enjoyed looking at your various projects past and present.

  3. Thank you for introducing me to Pat Drew! Her quilts are captivating even on a computer screen so I can imagine how hypnotic they must be in person!

  4. Thanks for the tour!
    I really enjoyed those ATCs…I’ve never tried them, but I like yours so much I just might have to…

  5. Lots of neat stuff to look at, I envy you that much space. When I had a separate quilt studio I had a special inspiration tack board for ideas and things I just happen to enjoy looking at.

  6. What fun to see your walls. I really got a kick out of seeing the dried leaf tacked up. I also do things like that and some people think it’s just WEIRD.

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