JQC 2006 March 2

March 11, 2006

Here’s what I’ve been having so much fun with this week.



  1. Oh, this is really cool! All the angles are wonderful…and I love the fabric you are using for the roof with the swirly dot design…wonderful! I really need to get started on something if I am going to have something for reveal date…whenever that is…I should find that out…

  2. your journal quilt is really looking great!

  3. Deb – I love how your MarJQC is turning out!

  4. Wow! I knew from your sketch it was going to be complicated, but seeing it put into actions is wonderful.

  5. I am really impressed that you were able to get that house to come together like this. It is going to be wonderful. Love your bluebells and the one lone pink primrose. I have pink primroses in my prairie garden but they won’t be blooming for another 6 weeks here.

  6. Is your house looking cool or what?

  7. Neat to see how the piecing is coming together to “build” your house.
    Love the bluebonnets, we don’t have those here. Jen

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