JQC 2006 March

March 7, 2006

This month I want to focus on form; representing three dimensional shapes on a two dimensional surface. Our perception of form can be
influenced by perspective and lighting, among other things. The tools for creating illusions of three dimensionsal space are overlapping, size and placement, hue and value and atmospheric perspective (distant objects have less detail).

I have decided to work with this house because of the many sides which can be used to show the “ins and outs” of the house. I’m thinking I can also use some overlapping
to show the fence, porch decorative trim and railing. And so far, these are the colors that I am planning to use.

Thanks to ADNA for the use of their photo! 🙂



  1. wow… you’ve already started!?! I haven’t even thought about March JQC.

  2. What a great house you’ve chosen, it will work very well to demonstrate form. Love your fabrics. Thanks for yesterdays spring flowers also. We have spring snow and rain flurries today and only little violas, plus I did notice a tiny purple blossom on one of the wild mustards that is the main thing growing now. I remember gorgeous magnolias in the historic German section of San Antonio in February.

  3. A very cool house and I love the PINK! as always, your house theme is just primo!

  4. Way to go, Deb! Beautiful house and fabrics!

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