This Old Doll

March 2, 2006

Look at this darling doll. What a big smile! And bright eyes! Looks like she has been well loved over the years.

She was my friend Crystal’s doll as she was growing up. Crystal has since given it to her daughter. And they asked me if I could do some repair work on her. I have experience making dolls but I have never done repair work. So this is an exciting challenge for me.

Her cheek fabric is worn through, her boots have holes in them and there are a few stains I’d like to remove. She has a lovely little dress on but apparently the dress belongs to someone else and needs to be replaced too.
Anyone in blogland have any tips for me?

I think the first thing I would like to do is give her a nice bath. In a concealed area- her back- I tried a little Dishwasher gel that has some bleach in it on some stains and it did remove some of the stains without changing the color of the fabric or damaging it noticably.



  1. She is a beautiful doll, but I would have no idea how to repair her. Making from scratch always seems easier to me than fixing. I would love to know how you go about fixing her up for her new little mother.

  2. Hi Deb, I like to make dolls too. I’ll have to post some of them on my blog. I think the boots would be pretty easy. Just put new boots over the old & invisible applique’ stitch along the top. The cheeks, I’d probably make circles by stitching on iron on stabilizer. iron side to right side of the fabric, slit the stabilizer & turn, then press in place & invisable applique’ on. Hope you like hand work. The spots, I have a recipe somewhere for a dilute mix of Cascade, & Hydrogen peroxide in water that I’ve used for cleaning antique quilt tops with brown spots, & it’s worked well, but it’s for a bathtub 4″ deep in watter. So I would do maybe a tsp of Cascade disolved in 2 cups of water, then a little peroxide, & dab on the spots with a Q-tip, rising with Q-tips too.Good luck.

  3. The doll reminds me of one I made when I was in college… I wonder where she is? Good luck with the makeover! (I see you’ve updated your profile picture as well)–>

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