A Trip to the Mall

February 28, 2006

My kids and I spent an afternoon at North Star Mall on the north side of San Antonio.

We don’t get out very often so when we go to the mall we make an event out of it, complete with ice cream from the Marble Slab Creamery.

We enjoyed seeing all the sights and all the gadgets and gizmos available to buy.

I was amazed to see that I could buy jeans already worn complete with holes and shredded hems. And all this time I have been getting my worn jeans the old fashioned way… by wearing them thin



  1. I love Marble Slab. The closest one to me is in Bowling Green and I am so thankful that’s 50 miles away or I’d be there way too often!

    Sweet Cream with cherries for me! 🙂

    Judy L.

  2. Gee, imagine all the $$ I could have made by selling my old jeans…that I thought were too WORN OUT!!!! =-/

  3. Great photos, looks like lots of fun. But, I’d rather wear out my own jeans.

  4. It just amazes me that people buy their jeans in fancy stores like the ones in your picture. They are in better shape at the thrift store and a whole lot cheaper! What is wrong with this concept??

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