JQC 2006 February Reveal

February 22, 2006

I don’t think I have ever done anything like this before. That is what this whole project is about, though, right? I’m exploring new materials, new techiques and new processes while exploring the elements and principles of design and Victorian Architecture.

This month I was focusing on shape; two dimensional spaces. I chose the house I did because of it’s simple clean shapes. I especially wanted to emphasize the windows; the shutters and the decorative work above and below them. I also wanted to emphasize the triangles above the door and in the roof.

As far as construction details, the basic house shapes- the wall and the roof- are pieced. The window shutters, the door and the bushes are fused in place. I went crazy with freehand machine quilting and bound the whole thing with a dark green fabric. All fabrics, threads and batting are cotton except for a tiny bit of monofilament thread for part of the quilting.

I learned alot with this piece. I learned that I love to piece. I learned that I can fuse, even though I don’t like doing it- I have never gotten along well with hot sticky stuff! I learned that I love using hand dyed fabrics. And I learned that I need to work on my freehand stippling and meandering.

I just noticed something while looking at the photos that I had not noticed with the actual piece. It looks like the house is on fire!! YIKES!! Should I name it Victorian Inferno?! Oh well… on to March!



  1. Well done Deb! I like that you kept the colors to a minimum so that “shape” was emphasized. Looks like you had a lot of fun.

  2. I like the way you cut right to the basic shapes in this piece. I agree with you on the fusing …hot, sticky, and I’m afraid I’ll fuse something to the wrong place…But you did a great job with it, and I like it! I like the way you put the triangle of the tree in, also…love the name, but wouldn’t if I lived in an old wooden Victorian…sadly, they often are the ones on fire…

  3. I love the concept of taking pictures of actual houses of your acquaintance and interpreting them in fabric. And to add to the interest, emphasizing a different element each time!

    I’m leaning a great deal from everyone else’s experiments, especially when I can read the posts knowing that they will be available for future reference. Good Job, Deb!

  4. Deb, this is very nicely done and an interesting piece. It’s a wonderful rendition of your original photo. I really appreciated reading about the process of discovering what you love and don’t love. That is a great goal in itself for all of us.

  5. Another great architectural quilt. As an engineer, I see all the design elements of a house going into your pieces. I think it is great.

  6. Deb, Once again you were very successful in illustrating an element of design, shape this time. It must be a real challenge to look at a photo of a house and decide what to put in and what to leave out to achieve your goal. I love architecture and your historic houses are wonderful.

  7. I like your house – but I did not think it was on fire – I thought the sun was setting behind it or rising above it…

  8. That’s very cool. I like the colors and the feel of the piece. Very nice.

  9. I really like these strong shapes and colors. I didn’t see a house on fire, though that’s not a bad idea for your series…

  10. Nice that you took such a turn in interpretating this house, can’t wait to see the rest, will be an interesting serial. Like you choice of color (and no I wasn’t thinking of a house on fire!). Did you turn the edges before you fused them down? A great quilt!

  11. Your machine quilting is great. You have to tell me how to dothat. I am scared to death of machine quilting!

  12. How very different from the Jan piece and just as interesting–proves that not all houses are the same! This is just a great theme for your challenge.

  13. Very nice. I love architexture too. Fun to combine both.I love the warm color.

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