Next Co-op project

February 16, 2006

My hand quilting class for our home school co-op is moving right along. Last Friday we finished up the little heart project. The girls especially enjoyed the embellishing that we did on the heart; a little Ribbon Rose, some Spider Web Roses and Lazy Daisy leaves.

Tomorrow we will be starting on a new project. It will be more involved as it should last 7 weeks. I’ve been “working my fingers to the bone” trying to come up with a project I am happy with for them. And this is what I have so far.

There are four blocks; Four Patch, Broken Dishes, Sawtooth Star and Shoo Fly. I just love the fabric. It has pictures of girls playing, baking, quilting, and reading; perfect for jr. high girls! But it is much busier than I usually do so I am not sure about it yet. Some of the definition is lost between the blocks. And I would also like to add some embellishing. I need to hang it up on my design wall and look at it for a while.

Tomorrow we will start on the Four Patch so I can delete and add to it as I want later in the project.


One comment

  1. This looks very interesting. You’re putting good things into those kids…skills to last a lifetime. I value so much the people who were willing to spend time teaching me things when I was young. It all just helps make up who we become as adults.

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