February 1, 2006

Well, I learned that when they say the batting and backing have to be 4″-6″ larger than the quilt top they are right! I’m not really sure what happened except that I ended up with a hole in the fabric, a broken needle and a messed up bobbin case. It was late at night so I decided I would deal with it in the morning and went to bed.

Well, my husband- sweetheart that he is- replaced the bobbin case, retimed the machine and adjusted the tension and got back that wonderful stitch my longarm can make…all before I woke up the next morning! To check the thread tension he did this beautiful bit of freehand stitching.

Looks to me like he should be the quilter in the family and I should go back to waiting tables!!

Maybe not.



  1. He’s a keeper for sure!

  2. It’s great to have someone with a mechanical mind – and an artist to boot! Do you think I’m prejudiced?

  3. Wow, wonderful that he can time the machine and do all that mechanical stuff – and his quilting is beautiful! Maybe you can both go into the business.

  4. Yes, Ila, you are prejudiced! But that’s OK. Moms are allowed to be!

  5. How nice to have someone you can count on to keep that wonderful machine in working order. And he quilts, too!–>

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