I’ve been bonding

January 26, 2006

I’ve been bonding with my new Prodigy longarm quilting machine. And I am having so much fun! I think this new machine and I are going to get along just fine.
It is a lot like learning how to sew all over again, though. I’ve had to learn how to wind the bobbin, how to adjust the thread tension and the bobbin tension and how to time the whole machine.

I’ve learned that all of the tracks have to be clean and smooth. I was quilting along and it started doing this lurching thing every once in a while; it felt like we were running down a dirt road. It turned out that there was a thread wrapped around one of the wheels and every time the wheel ran over it, it lurched.

But I am so excited about the possibilities. I can just imagine Victorian houses stitched very large and very detailed!



  1. Deb, you’ll get to know that machine just like it’s a family member. You’ll hear strange sounds or feel strange movements and know something needs to be checked. I have so much fun every day with my machine and I know you’re going to enjoy yours too.


  2. Looks like such fun. I like that quilting pattern you are using. You’re going to be able to make such gorgeous quilts with that.

  3. I understand getting to know a new machine! I had my Elna for 20+ years and I could “hear” when the bobbin was out of thread. I just got a new Janome and am already disgusted that I can sew for rows and not have any bobbin thread. I must train my ear.

    Great new machine!

  4. Looks like a beauty! I have always wondered what it would be like to sew with a longarm, and I have seen some simply awesome machine quilting done on them. Look forward to seeing more work. Jen

  5. Oh, my Goodness!!!! What an awesome thing… not only to have a longarm and to be able to use it any time the mood hits and make all those awesome quilt designs…. BUT TO HAVE ENOUGH ROOM TO SET ONE UP!!!!!
    ps… I just ordered a used Viking 1100 and I’m so excited!!! I can’t wait for a week to go by to get it.

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