JQC 2006 January reveal

January 19, 2006

625 Main Street is my first page in an informal quilt journal to record my exploration in the elements and principles of design as they apply to quilting and the needle arts. Each page will also use Victorian Architecture in my hometown of Anderson Indiana as inspiration.
In January I have focused on line; exploring thick lines, thin lines, straight lines and curved lines. The home that I used this month was

built at 625 Main Street and was a wonderful example of Stick Architecture of the early 1900’s. It is a shame that the home was demolished in order to make way for the growing business district. King Solomon explains in the Bible, though, that there is “a time to break down and a time to build up” (Ecc. 3:3)
This journal page is 8 1/2 ” x 11″. It includes both machine stitching and
hand stitching. Materials are all 100% cotton. To see a photo of the original house and details on the construction process please see JQC2006 January.
Thank you to the Anderson Downtown Neighbors Association for the use of their photo!



  1. It looks great Deb!

  2. I like your approach in working through the elements/principles of design – simple, clean lines but most of all I like how you broke up and placed the verse. Adding the third “circle” (there has to be an architectural term)in the lower right hand corner gives the piece a nice balance.

  3. That is Fine! It is successful in exploring the use of line in both the architecture and, I expecially like how you turned the lines into words that explain the story of the beautiful house. I’ll bet you learned a lot in this exercise. I hope you had fun, also.

  4. Nicely done Deb. I love architecture. I love the Victorian Styles.

  5. Deb, this is wonderful! You used just enough detail to make us know how a Victorian house “feels”, if you know what I mean…it truly has that feel. I love the vines and the greenery, so well placed. Your stitching is so fine and straight…bravo, great job!

  6. Well, let’s see: I love antiques, architectural drawings, Victorian detail, and all things quilty. This piece appeals in every category.

  7. Totally excellent–you integrated all the right concepts to give your piece character and interest. Love the vein wrapping around and the verse also. very nice, Deb!

  8. This looks so . . . artistic! I like the whole look and feel of it. Very well done!

    BTW, I was reading your other posts, and saw the “heart” project you designed. I teach Home Ec to 7th graders, and I think they would love it! In fact, I might “borrow” the idea for next semester, if that’s okay with you.

  9. The idea was great and you executed it very well! I love the contrast to the very straight lines by the hand embroidered vines, gives it more interest as does the quote you encorperated.

  10. Deb, your JQ is really awesome. I really like the lines your portrayed in this home. It really shows a home, not just a house. I like all the detail of the vines, bushes, the round windows and trim. Much detail and the verse is perfect for it. What kind of machine do you have? I suppose it has the letter capability? That’s cool.

  11. Absolutely beautiful! Your line study is wonderful, and by leaving the background plain and pure, you;ve allowed the architecture to be the “star” of your show!
    Way to go, Deb!

  12. Deb your journal turned out great!!

  13. A very interesting project and so very well accomplished. Everything else has already been said! Looking forward to seeing more.

  14. Beautiful work, and and wonderful concept for your series.

  15. Such a successful combination of machine and hand stitching! Personally, I find that extremely difficult to pull off. In this piece, it not only looks perfect, but feels inevitable.
    I also really look forward to your coming months’ work.

  16. I really like the line work! The minimal colour scheme lets it “breathe”

  17. Great piece – your stitching is really very good. I look forward to seeing more of this series.

  18. This really appeals to me. Lovely!

  19. I would say you have a resounding success in line exploration. You did an amazing job. Jen

  20. Oh my is that fabulous! This sounds like such an interesting study for you to undertake. We’ll sure have fun following it too. You did a beautiful job with it!

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