I ain’t got no bread!

January 18, 2006

( OK, I admit, I am trying out that backlinks thing. Let’s see what happens…)
Linda wrote a wonderful blog today; I love baking bread. And I just have to say that I love baking bread too. I go the lazy route though and let my bread machine do all the work for me. Most of the time it is wonderful. Yesterday, though, I measured all the ingredients into the pan, snapped the pan in place, pushed the button and BAM!! BAM!! P-s-s-s-s. It was a no-go! No bread today. 😦

Also there is a phenomenon that I have noticed with home baked bread. If I buy a loaf of bread at the store it lasts quite a while, sometimes a week or more. With home baked bread a loaf disappears in under 4 hours! How does that work?

Tomorrow is the first day of reveals for the Journal Quilt Pages. I’m looking forward to it!

( What I thought would happen with the backlink didn’t happen there must be something else I must do.)



  1. Tomorrow!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!! I hope not, I’m thinking it’s Friday…and since I’m a “D,” I hope I’m right cuz I want to get the label on the back and I still need to print it……=-/

  2. I paniced too – I didn’t think tomorrow was already the reveal date?! Fortunately, by first name, I’m in the last group–but not ready yet!

  3. You are right… I am wrong! I was thinking Thursday because I won’t be able to post mine on Friday morning. I’ll have to get it up today. I guess I’ll have to wait until Friday to see everyone else’s!

  4. Yeah, I understand that strange bread’s gone again? phenomenon! I loved my bread machine for a while. I was getting great bread, but then I started using more whole wheat and getting bricks. But that was before I changed my recipe, so a bread machine might work now. Moot point, though, because it was stolen out of our old house while it was unoccupied. They stole an old bread machine I paid $20 on clearance for!, the toaster, microwave and a juicer…all old and cheap. They left other more expensive items. Weird, huh? Oh, well, back to bread…. doesn’t it smell wonderful?!?!!?!?!

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