Mansions in Minutes 5

December 23, 2005

Woohoo!! It is really starting to look like a house now! So we have to be very careful about keeping the door to the “DH room” closed and locked so Christina doesn’t see it. She doesn’t have a clue…yet. She must figure something is going on because mom spends so-o-o-o much time in there.

Next on the to do list is the roof. There is the main roof over the tops of all those gables and then there is a roof over the front porch that is held up by posts at the front corners. Once we get all the flat pieces in place there are a zillion little shingles to glue in place. Only 2 more days until Christmas!

(My Grandmother made the quilt peeking in at the left side of the photo. I’m not sure how old it is but I’m guessing at least 50 years.)


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