Mansions in Minutes 2

December 17, 2005

Yea! The foundation is finished!

You can’t see how real those bricks look in the photo. They look like tiny little bricks with texture on them. And it was easier to do than I thought it was going to be. First we painted the foundation pieces with the grout color, a cream color in our case. A brick stencil came with the kit so we applied it to the foundation. Then we mixed up the brick mix; water, white glue and a reddish brown powder to a consistency of icing. We spread the “icing” on over the stencil about 1/16th inch thick. After it set about 5 minutes, we pulled the stencil off which revealed the grout. The whole thing was done in about 4 hours.

So, two days later in the instructions we are on page 3 of 15. Mansions in Minutes!


One comment

  1. Well look at you go! You’re further than I would’ve been! Heck, in another week or so you outta be done with that “Mansion in Minutes”!! ;o)

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